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BGSU Firelands Library

BGSU Firelands Library Welcome: Home

This guide is an introduction to the library, its staff, services, hours, and other information.

Library Hours

Monday-Wednesday: 8:00am - 7:30pm

Thursday and Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

No Weekend Hours.

Summer hours differ and will be posted.

Come and have some coffee...


 We do allow eating and drinking in our library so      you are welcome to come and bring your lunch or coffee, etc.  or, for your convenience, we sell coffee,tea,and hot chocolate for 50 cents,and cookies for 25 cents. 

Quiet Study Area


Welcome to your Firelands Library Information Guide 

This guide was created to inform you about services your library has for you and to help access the enormous amount of information to which you have available. 

Please remember that we are here at the library to give you any personal help you may need.  We can answer questions, show you how to retrieve information, help you sort out your research, and simply offer you a quiet, comfortable place to come and study. 

In a College Library You Can...

  • Use Computers and plug into lap top areas - we are wireless!
  • Take a nap ;)
  • Study in groups with your friends.
  • "Camp out" in the back quiet study area.
  • Reserve our quiet study room for you or a group and close the door!
  • Have a snack.
  • Get research help. 
  • Find out what is going on.
  • Use the reference books.
  • Check out books
  • Print out articles or email them to yourself.
  • Look at the print journals we have and check one out.

          group study room.


Library Address

The library is located in Foundation Hall on the second floor. 

BGSU Firelands Library

One University Drive

Huron, OH 44839

(419) 433-5560

General Extension: 20739

Library Tips

Top 10 Study Tips

1)  Find a healthy balance of work and play.

2)  Schedule your time.  Use a planner!

3)  Understand what motivates you.  What do you want out of college?

4)  Make use of all study resources on and off campus.  Get to know students, professors,librarians and tutoring services that will be vital to your success.

5)  Study with others from your classes.

6)  Establish a routine place to study.

7)  When studying for exams, don't start with your worst subject.

8)  Discover if you are more productive in the morning or evening.

9)  When studying, take a 5-10 min break each hour.

10)  Regular sleep, exercise and a healthy diet will give your more energy and keep you feeling good!